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About UNiBA Partner:

Uniba is the one of the world’s largest independent providers of risk management, insurance broking and employee benefits services.

Established more than 20 years ago, in 1987, evolved from a small group of young brokers concerned about their client’s foreign exposures to a global platform assisting clients in over 120 countries across the world.

Values of Uniba:

UNiBA Partners is built on old-fashioned values of commitment, integrity and trust. We believe that our success has grown from our stubborn adherence to these core concepts.

For us, these values are the foundation of quality and successful relationships. They guide how we select our broking Partners across the world. They are at the basis of our internal standards and Best Practices which all Partners are required to adhere to. They keep us passionate about continually developing our platform to better serve UNiBA Partners’ clients across the world.

Services Of Uniba:

“Association with UNiBA means we can service clients with people and premises in other countries, so they get to control the programme from the world while the local operation benefits from local service in the local language. It enables us to keep pace with those of our clients who open new divisions overseas. And, crucially of course, it means we can hold our own with the multinational brokers — matching them for global reach and quality of service.”

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About GBN Worldwide

A leading global insurance network with over 5,000 insurance professionals in over 100 countries around the world.

GBN is an interconnected, technology backed, global insurance eco-system made up of independent insurance, reinsurance, human capital, and risk management organizations from around the world. We envision a borderless insurance network, both physically and virtually, by building an eco-system that enables our partners and clients to transact the business of risk anytime, anywhere, and in every language.

GBN Mission:

To provide the utmost capable unified insurance and risk management solution to GBN clients around the world. This is possible through the resources at our disposal, the commitment of our members, superior technology, and relationships with carriers and specialty suppliers. Moreover, we succeed through product design, integration, a ‘best in front strategy’, and the sharing of knowledge and research.

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