Product Contamination Policy

Product Contamination can happen to any manufacturer or retailer, especially those who are in the food, drink, and such sectors.

Risk can be accidental and intentional contamination be it Bacteria, Viruses, Chemical Toxins, Mixture Errors, Foreign Objects or simply Mislabelling etc.

Malicious contamination is also an increasing problem with the motive being extortion, idealism or simply a disgruntled employee seeking revenge.

Coverage is available for accidental or unintentional contamination as also malicious tampering (actual, alleged or threatened) and product extortion which results in or could potentially result in a third party bodily injury including death, disablement, etc. Product contamination insurance covers losses in respect of

  • Contamination
  • Impairment
  • Product Tampering
  • Mislabelling

Policy also provides indemnity for the following

  • Business Interruption
  • Recall Costs
  • Rehabilitation Expenses
  • Consultancy costs
  • Extortion Costs