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12 Dec 2017

“Vessel Casualty Report gives details of vessels which have met with some casualty while carrying cargo from one Port to another and which may have resulted in (i) loss/damage to the cargo carried in the vessel or (ii) General Average Loss/Expenditure.
Please go through the Casualty Report and check whether your cargo had been carried in any of the vessels mentioned therein and check with your Cargo Handling Agents whether there is any loss/damage to your cargo. If yes, we can help you in arranging the survey and doing other formalities related to the Insurance Claim.
Even if there is no loss/damage to your cargo, there may be a General Average Loss/Expenditure incurred by other Cargo Owners /Shipping Co. for which the Shipping Company may send you notice demanding your share of loss. Similarly, in case your cargo is part of the General Average Loss, you need to recover the loss. In such events also, we can help you in completing the Insurance formalities”.

 VESSEL CASUALTY No. 18 of 2017:

Vessel Destination: EUROPE

“FLEVOBORG” – IMO:9419292 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: General Cargo Ship On June 21, the “Flevoborg” ran aground on the St. Lawrence River in front of Sainte-Croix in Lotbinière on the south side of the fairway. The ship was coming from Montreal, carrying a cargo of maize, and was heading eastwards bound to Warrenpoint, when the engines failed and it got stuck. With the help of tugs, the rising tide and pumping water from the ballasts tanks, the ship managed to refloat by itself in the early evening. As the engines were still not working, the “Flevoborg” was towed to Quebec for repairs.   “VECCHIO BRIDGE” – IMO:9293454 – Flag: Panama – Type: Container Ship On June 21, a container within the “Vecchio Bridge” was leaking chemicals at Southampton docks. The ship had arrived from Mobile around noon. The fire brigade was monitoring the situation which could be contained on board the vessel. As a precaution, operations on the “Vecchio Bridge” have been suspended. All other terminal operations were unaffected. On June 22, the ship continued to Antwerp.   “GOOD LUCK” –  Callsign: OT00P – Flag: Belgium – Type: General Cargo Ship On June 23, the owner of the “Good Luck”, observed a severe smoke development in the engine room. The ship came from Kortrijk and was on the way to Sas van Gent. The skipper decided to berth in the lock of Ooigem so that the fire brigade could reach his ship more easily and get the small fire under control soon.   “GREETJE” – IMO:9186388 – Flag: Netherlands – Type: Container Ship On June 25, the “Greetje” suffered engine damage when approaching the Kiel-Canal in Kiel-Holtenau enroute from Ahus, Sweden, to Bremerhaven. The ship dropped anchor on Kiel Roads for repairs which were completed by June 26. The ship requested permission to enter the canal in westbound direction which was granted.   “EMMA” – IMO: 9285433 – Flag: Cyprus – Type: General Cargo Ship // “OCEAN FREEDOM” – IMO:  9506722 – Flag: USA – Type: General Cargo Ship. On June 25, the “Ocean Freedom” coming from Duala, allided with the “Emma” in the Kiel-Holtenau locks of the Kiel Canal. The mooring manoeuver went wrong, so that the ship’s aft pulled towards the “Emma” which was already berthed inside the lock. A crane of the “Ocean Freedom” touched an antenna of the “Emma” which was knocked down. The “Ocean Freedom” continued the voyage after the police had investigated the accident, and berthed in Fredericia at the Ocean Quay on June 26.The “Emma” which was en route from Harlingen to Klaipeda left Kiel ETA Klaipeda June 26

Vessel Destination: ASIA

“SPAR LYRA – IMO:9289013 – Flag: Norway – Type: Bulk Carrier On June 20, the “Spar Lyra” collided with the Vietnamese fishing vessel “TG 94169 TS” 14 miles off the coast in the Vung Tau area of the South China Sea. The cargo ship fled the scene after the collision, the fishing vessel sank. The “Spar Lyra” was en route from Vung Tau to Singapore and was anchored on Singapore roads by June 22.   “GLOBAL LAGUNA” – IMO:9626730 – Flag: Panama – Type: Bulk Carrier On June 22, a fire broke out in a cargo hold of the “Global Laguna”, which was docked at the jetty in Dörtyol near Iskenderun in order to offload a cargo 45,000 tons of scrap. The ship had sailed from Ghent via Terneuzen on June 8 bound to Turkish waters. Port fire fighters and tugs were deployed in firefighting and cooling the hull.

Vessel Destination: NORTH AMERICA

“HAVELSTERN – IMO:9053218 – Flag: Canada – Type: Tanker // TRAVESTERN – IMO:9053206 – Flag: Canada – Type: Tanker On June 18, the “Travestern” and the “Havelstern” were in allision at the Comfort Cove-Newstead Anchorage, northern Newfoundland. The “Havelstern” was anchored, and the passing “Travestern” was caught by a gust of wind which pushed her stern towards the stern of the “Havelstern”. No serious damages and no leaks were reported, however, both tankers’ sterns suffered damages above the waterline. The “Travestern” continued the voyage and arrived at its port of destination, Lewis Porte, on June 19. Both vessels were loaded with diesel and jet fuel at the time of the accident

Vessel Destination: UNKNOWN

“GREEN PHOENIX” – IMO:9547001 – Flag: Panama – Type: Bulk Carrier On June 24, the bulk carrier “Ocean Phoenix” with 45,000 tons of clinker on board started to drift on Chittagong’s outer anchorage, after her anchor dragged. The bulk carrier allided with the stern of the anchored “Green Phoenix” which also was loaded with clinker. The “Ocean Phoenix” suffered a breach of the hull at starboard side in hold no.4 and water ingress. The hold flooded, and the vessel’s aft came to rest on the bottom. Salvors started to seal the leak in order to be able to dewater the hold.

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